Friday, January 22, 2010

This Heat - Out Of Cold Storage

If only this band had kept going they could have been the greatest Post Punk band of all time. Unfortunately, after only a few years and two albums they broke up and have since joined the ranks of the criminally underrated and obscure. Out of Cold Storage is a collection of This Heat's two albums, Deceit and Health & Efficiency, as well as some assorted studio oddities. The collection's name is a reference to the abandoned meat locker dubbed "Cold Storage" where the band did all their writing and recording. This Heat can be compared to the great Post Punk bands such as Television, Pere Ubu, Cardiacs and Magazine. However, more so than any of their peers, This Heat took a more direct influence from Krautrock groups such as Can, Faust and Neu!. Swirling tape loops, chord repetition, and chanted vocals were often the defining feature of their songs.
Be sure to give this a few listens before passing any judgment. These songs can be a lot to digest all at once.



  1. Word man, this band is the shit. I've got a live LP from 1980 if ya want's a damn good recording, and there's enough differences between the live and studio versions to keep it interesting.

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