Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Frames / AFCGT Mega Post

Recently, I was looking back through the albums I've uploaded to various file sharing services. I was surprised to find that of all the submissions A Frames's 'Black Forest' has had the most downloads by far. Strange. Not that I feel they're undeserving in any way. I just never would have guessed.

So, in an effort to give the fans what they want, I am posting the first two A Frames albums plus the new AFCGT. I thought briefly about including all the Intelligence albums (drummer Lars Finberg's other band). However, they have somewhere around 7 full lengths. I'll get to those later.

Here you go:

Self Titled -
Released in 2002 on SS Records and the bands own Dragnet Records. There really aren't any significant differences between any of the A Frames albums. They all pretty much rule. Nothing but the best of modern dancy lo-fi post punk with a small twist of industrial. If you like one album, you'll like them all.

2 -
Ever so slightly better production quality than the first record. Maybe a little bit more experimental. Same great song quality. Released in 2003 on SS Records.

Colaboration album between A Frames and Climax Golden Twins. These two bands have been rocking together a various times for a few years now. Everything they have released so far is self titled. The easiest record to find is their recent Sup Pop album. There are a few other CDRs and LPs floating around from small indie labels or self release. As far as I know, this is everything that exists from them.
The project allows the A Frames to stretch out and experiment with a wide variety of different styles/sounds. Long spaced out jams, abrasive discordant noise rock, psychedelic surf punk, heavy post punk. Sometimes all within the same song! Really lo-fi with a heavy Japrock influence. Especially Boredoms and Les Rallizes Denudes. The more I listen to them, the more I prefer it to the normal A Frames albums. Hear for yourself and turn it up:

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  1. One of the most underrated bands of the last decade! their entire catalogue sounds even more fresh and exciting than it was six years ago.

    Thanks for the AFCGT stuff, I listened to the first 10" and can´t remember anything about it.