Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Noise - An Electric Storm

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, fellow arctic pioneers. In the last few months I got married, moved into a new house and started a new job. I've been busy. I'd even been tossing around the idea of just ending the blog and focusing on other things. However, you'll be happy to know that I decided this was a dumb idea and will be attempting to bring you cool music at a more regular pace from now on.

In order to end this period of blog inactivity, I've got an amazing gem of early pysch electronic goodness for you. White Noise's 1969 debut 'An Electric Storm'. There's all kinds of crazy sounds going on in this record. Double basses sped up to sound like violins, first generation synths, orgasmic vocals (literally).
The band is still recording and touring off and on to this day. Look them up if you're ever in the UK. I'll try and get some of their later work up here sometime...


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